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Mistress Agma has a hot ass and that is what she used to turn this guy and have him licking her ass and doing everything that she wanted him to do. The mistress felt that he had to be pushed to the extreme so that he would be malleable going forward. So she had him lick her ass as well as her asshole. He had to pamper her before she was done with him.

Mistress Jane and mistress Zora loved to play with each other's butts. They are ass people and what attracted them to each other was their butts. The mistresses ensured that they always had fresh fun with their butts and that is why they did not hesitate to innovate and do all they could to keep their fetish fresh. Today they spanked and caressed each other's butts through their jeans and recorded all their fun.

Mistress BlackDiamoond used the fact that this guy was into asses to bait him and get him to sign her contract. She took him to the woods where she put on a little ass play for him, gyrated for him and spanked herself as he watched. The guy thought that she was wild and adventurous and he agreed to do what she wanted which was to sign the contract with her.

When it comes to teaching people how to act, this mistress is one of the best as she is a no nonsense person. She does not tolerate bullshit and when someone pisses her off, she has to make them pay for it. That is why she went ahead to force this guy to lick her ass and ass worship her for him to get the message loud and clear. He never messed up.

Princess Sofi needed to make sure that this guy was not going to inconvenience her for any reason. So she had to make him worship her ass so that he learned that she was not an easy person to deal with and in case he messed with her, he would have himself to blame for whatever happened to him. He was shocked as he was made to lick her ass and her asshole.

Mistress Dana is smoking hot. Everything on her body is at the right place and is proportional. The mistress knew that she was hot and that she could get him to do whatever she wanted. The mistress teased him and tempted him with her hot ass and he loved what he saw that he agreed to do what she asked him which was to lick her ass and smell it.

This mistress was pretty mad at this guy. He needed her forgiveness but she did not give it to him. He was desperate for it and he came up with a solution. He told her he was great at eating ass and that he would do it to her. If she liked it, she would forgive him. If she did not like it, she would then continue punishing her. She loved what he did and she forgave him.

Mistress Zora has a nice ass and she knows how to use it for whatever she wants. She felt like making some money from this guy so she teased him and she then facesat him. He was shocked at why she was facesitting him when he thought she would have fun with him. But he got a bigger shock when she asked him to pay for her facesitting. He had to do it.

Mistress Kira had beef with this guy and she had to make him realize that she was the kind of mistress he was never supposed to mess with at any point in his life. He was her slave and he needed to act accordingly. The mistress asked him to lick her ass as well as to smell her farts and he did not have a choice but to do as she ordered him.

DirtyQueenPenelopa is a hot girl. Beyond being hot, she is also naughty and she loves to do naughty things. Today she tied her boyfriend to a chair and she made him watch as she placed a dildo on her bike and she rode it sexually as she peddled. As she peddled, she thrust her pussy in it and it gave her some crazy orgasms. Her boyfriend was jealous of the bike.

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