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Mistress Kira has a nice ass but today, she did not use it to please. She used it to dominate this guy by recording him as he struggled to lick it. She did not care what he did but she made sure that he licked her ass and that he did what she wanted him to do. He liked having her ass on his face but he became humiliated when she farted on him.

This mistress was fed up with how her classmate admired her and she wanted to put an end to it. He looked at her as a harmless girl who was only supposed to fuck him. But when she invited him to her house, he was shocked when she teased him and soon enough turned him into a human toilet and forced him to smell her ass, endure facesitting as well as choking.

Mistress EvilBlackBitchSQ has a nice ass and she knows how to clap her ass cheeks. That is what she did to the guy today and she had a lot of fun doing it. The mistress had a target and it was to turn this guy into an ass worshipper and when she was done teasing him, she made him lick her ass as well as worship it the way she wanted.

Mistress Lindsey wanted this guy to be turned on and that is exactly what she did to him. The mistress made sure that the guy checked out her ass and that he worshipped it the way she wanted. The guy was super turned on but she did not do anything with him. Instead, she left him high and dry as he begged her to do some nasty and naughty things with him.

Princess Sofi needed to make sure that this guy was not going to inconvenience her for any reason. So she had to make him worship her ass so that he learned that she was not an easy person to deal with and in case he messed with her, he would have himself to blame for whatever happened to him. He was shocked as he was made to lick her ass and her asshole.

Mistress Zora has a nice ass and she knows how to use it for whatever she wants. She felt like making some money from this guy so she teased him and she then facesat him. He was shocked at why she was facesitting him when he thought she would have fun with him. But he got a bigger shock when she asked him to pay for her facesitting. He had to do it.

Mistress Dana had time on her hands and as she tried to come up with something interesting to do, she realized that she could get on a live video and have fun with her followers. She did so and she had fun making them check out her hot ass as she flaunted it while pretending to work out. They loved it and some of them even used her video to jerk off.

DirtyQueenPenelopa is a hot girl. Beyond being hot, she is also naughty and she loves to do naughty things. Today she tied her boyfriend to a chair and she made him watch as she placed a dildo on her bike and she rode it sexually as she peddled. As she peddled, she thrust her pussy in it and it gave her some crazy orgasms. Her boyfriend was jealous of the bike.

Mistress Sofi felt that her errant boyfriend had done a lot of nonsense and that he needed to be punished for it. She knew a lot of the things he did wrong and she remembered them all but he did not know that she did. So when she punished him, she was punishing him for all those mistakes. He had no clue about it but he did what she ordered him which was to lick and worship her ass.

This mistress is blessed with a hot ass and she does not waste any chance to let the world know. But today she wanted to have it worshipped and adored. That is what she had this guy do to it. He had a thing for sexy asses like her and she made him do it. He was only too happy to do it as he had done it secretly before but now he had the chance to do it publicly.

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