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Lady Anja has an ass that is out of this world. And she did not waste any time using it to entice her crush as she wanted to screw him. The mistress teased him with her hot ass and since she is curvy, naughty and hot, he could not resist her and that is how she achieved her goal of enticing him and also sleeping with him. The tables turned and he could not have enough of her.

Lady Anja knew this guy was a world away from her and that she was safe in her home and she could not fear anything. So she let loose and she teased this guy and made it hot for him. She showed off her hot ass and she had him enjoy what she did but when he wanted to use what she did to jerk off, she pretended the network was poor and she logged off.

Lady Anja found out about ass worship and she knew she had to try it out. This is because she is blessed with a gorgeous ass and she did not ass femdom to pass her by. She felt that getting her ass worshipped the way others were doing was the best way to go about it so she got in the mix, made some hot videos and she had hers worshipped as well.

Lady Anja loves to get her ass worshipped and she did not miss a chance to have that done today. She identified her victim today and she used her hot ass to turn him on and then mess with his mind. He was under her total control and she did not need to do anything else to financially dominate him. But she was not a greedy mistress as she took just enough and not everything.

Lady Anja likes to do naughty things and that is one of the things she did today. The mistress bent over and she used her hot ass to turn this guy on. She was sure that she was going to turn him on and within a couple of minutes, she had done so. It was a lot of fun torturing the guy and when she had gotten enough, she told him she was not interested anymore.

Lady Anja loves to get her ass worshiped. She has a lovely ass and she knows it. That is why she likes to have it worshiped and for her, it is always an easy affair as she is naughty and her ass is really sexy. Today she even as far as to make this guy jerk off to her instructions because she had seen that he was tortured by what she did.

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