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This guy had a crush on mistress Dana and he wanted to get to spend time with her. She did him one better by letting him get a feel of her ass. She facesat him and she had him worship her ass. He was shocked by what she did to him. He was lucky that she was in a naughty mood so she even got him to feel her ass while she wore just a thong.

This mistress wanted to have her way and she used her ass worship fetish to get it. She had noticed that this guy was not as good as she wanted him to be and she felt that he was not taking any initiative to change. So she had to act and she did by cruelly turning him into an ass slave. She ass crushed him and facesat him with her ass, choking him in the process.

Mistress Sofi felt that the best way to deal with this guy was to admonish him and she did it without thinking twice about it. The guy was shocked as she smothered him with her ass and when she was done, she gave him instructions on what he had to do to her ass and it was fun watching him do it. He was scared of her so he did what she wanted.

Mistress Anfisa did not know that ass worshipping was a thing. She was surprised to learn that it was and she did not want to lose out. So she got her assistant to ass worship her so that she could get the hang of it. That is how it all went down and the mistress had a great time doing what she wanted to do. The assistant also liked worshipping her gorgeous ass.

Mistress Anfisa had not tried ass worship femdom even though she was dying to. She had to do it today as she had the time to do it. She did not waste any time as she knew that she would not get that kind of chance again given her busy schedule. So she teased her slave with her hot ass and she got him to worship her ass as she wanted.

Mistress Cassie and mistress Tink wanted a loan. They asked this guy as they knew that he had the money but he did not want to give it to them and that pissed them off as they were going to pay it back and he knew that. So they facesat him and choked him with their asses until he agreed to do what they wanted him to do which was to loan them.

Mistress Anfisa needed to make this guy try something he had never tried before. The mistress chose to have him worship her ass and he admittedly did not know what that was or how it was done. So she instructed him on what to do and how to do it and then she sat back and watched what he did. She was also recording it all to enjoy later on.

Lady Shay caught this guy checking out her ass and she knew that she had found someone to dominate and at whose expense she was going to have fun. So she teased him with her hot ass and when he got turned on, she controlled him. That is how she made him an ass worshipper as he had to do that to her and her ass. The mistress loved it.

Mistress BlackDiamoond knew that her girl slave was straight and she wanted to use that fact to humiliate and degrade her. The mistress chose to make her lick her ass. It was hard for her to do it but she was forced to do it. The girl even had to smell her farts before she was done with her. It was cruel and it was also humiliating for the girl slave.

Mistress Cynthia had never had her ass eaten and she was dying to get it eaten as she had heard that it was a great thing. She did not want to regret it so she made sure that she got someone who was good at it. When she met the right guy, she had him do it and he blew her away as he ate her shit and gave her orgasms she never knew she had.

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