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When this slave messed with his mistress, he did not know what extent she could go to punish him. He had never punished her before so he did not know what she was capable of. But she showed him her true colors when she made him lick and smell her ass for lunch. And the mistress repeated the same for dinner and he learned never to piss her off again.

These mistresses are best friends and they are naughty as fuck. They like to play and to try all sorts of things and today was no exception. The mistresses chose to have a butt fight and it was hilarious as they tried to beat the other's ass with their asses and get the other to surrender or to fall down. They spent a lot of time and killed time like they intended.

Mistress Mina has an awesome ass and today she was sweetly surprised when this guy ass worshipped her. He showered praises on her ass and he told her all the things he wanted to do to her butt and she loved it and she laughed at how he said all those things. The guy was serious but she did not let him smash as he had hoped it would happen.

This mistress has an ass to die for. It is a great ass and her man loves it. He enjoys getting guys to worship and praise it and today she had this guy lick it as well as eat her out. She loved how he paid attention to her entire ass and her hot pussy. She actually came as he did so and she knew he was one to keep around for those times she needed someone to eat her out.

When these mistresses found out that their neighbor was an eavesdropper, they had to do something about it. He thought they were lesbians and he wanted to hear what they did behind closed doors. They caught him eavesdropping and they invited him indoors. He thought it was his lucky day but it ended up being his worst nightmare as they got him inside the house and used their asses to smother and dominate him.

Mistress Gina has a great ass and her boyfriend has never had enough of it. Today the mistress wanted to have fun playing video games but he wanted to fuck her. They reached a compromise where she played her video games and he had to lick and smell her ass. It was a lot of fun for her and she enjoyed everything he did and he also had a great time with her ass as usual.

Lady Xifeng found out how selfish this guy was and she did not like it. She purposed to tell him that his behavior was not good and he had to change but he did not. She plotted to punish him and she did it today. The mistress forced him to lie down and she facesat on him and also had him worship her butt. It was a cruel lesson for him.

This guy loves this mistress's ass and he wanted to do crazy things to it. The mistress did not know that was a thing and when she heard about it, she was shocked. But after she thought about it, she figured it was not a bad thing and she let him bury his face and lick her ass the way he wanted. But she added her own thing which was to have him smell her ass and she farted on him as he did so.

This mistress is as naughty as they come and today she wanted to display her naughtiness. The mistress felt that she had to do it on video and also do it with her butt. So she took a video as she forced this guy to lick her ass as well as shower accolades to it. His face was buried in her ass and he could not breathe properly but she did not car.

This mistress has a crazy ass and it is the kind that makes you have an instant erection. This guy was turned on and he wanted to have a release but the mistress did not agree to his seduction. She, however, came to his rescue by showing off her ass and letting him jerk off. He had to use his imagination to determine how sweet her ass and her pussy were.

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