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This guy had a crush on mistress Dana and he wanted to get to spend time with her. She did him one better by letting him get a feel of her ass. She facesat him and she had him worship her ass. He was shocked by what she did to him. He was lucky that she was in a naughty mood so she even got him to feel her ass while she wore just a thong.

This mistress wanted to have her way and she used her ass worship fetish to get it. She had noticed that this guy was not as good as she wanted him to be and she felt that he was not taking any initiative to change. So she had to act and she did by cruelly turning him into an ass slave. She ass crushed him and facesat him with her ass, choking him in the process.

Mistress Sofi was being bothered by her boyfriend to try ass worship and she was not into it but he kept asking all the time that she agreed to do it. The mistress learned about it and she had him lick her ass as well as do all that she wanted him to do. He had to smell her ass too and he loved it. She also loved ow her ass was worshipped.

Mistress Cassie and mistress Tink wanted a loan. They asked this guy as they knew that he had the money but he did not want to give it to them and that pissed them off as they were going to pay it back and he knew that. So they facesat him and choked him with their asses until he agreed to do what they wanted him to do which was to loan them.

Princess Sofi and princess Kira wanted to have their curvy and hot asses to be admired and worshipped. So they waited until a guy admired them and tried to hit on them. He found himself being entertained by the mistresses and they had him worship their ass and do some naughty things for their benefit. They loved it and even though it was not exactly what he had hoped for, he had some fun.

This mistress was fed up with how her classmate admired her and she wanted to put an end to it. He looked at her as a harmless girl who was only supposed to fuck him. But when she invited him to her house, he was shocked when she teased him and soon enough turned him into a human toilet and forced him to smell her ass, endure facesitting as well as choking.

When this mistress noticed that she had someone she could make do certain things for her, she did not hesitate to get her to do so. The mistress had this girl lick her ass as well as worship her butt. She did not want to make a guy do it until she had had a girl do so. It was a lot of fun for her and surprisingly, the girl too.

Mistress Rachel and her friends wanted to dominate this guy and they were not going to accept a no from him. He was asked to lick their asses but he did not want to do it. So the mistresses decided to make him lick them by force. He was then made to worship their asses and there was nothing he could do about it. He regretted and wished he had done things differently.

This mistress was horny and she needed to cum. She is not the kind that masturbates so she was not going down that road. She had to make sure that she got someone to make her cum. The guy who was available to her at that time was this guy she did not want to fuck. So she decided to make him worship her ass and he did it so well that she came.

When it comes to teaching people how to act, this mistress is one of the best as she is a no nonsense person. She does not tolerate bullshit and when someone pisses her off, she has to make them pay for it. That is why she went ahead to force this guy to lick her ass and ass worship her for him to get the message loud and clear. He never messed up.

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