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This mistress badly wanted to get some secrets that she knew this guy had but he did not want to share with her. So she pretended to be interested in him and she turned him on with her nice butt and after a little while, she managed to get them as she had him wrapped around her finger and she controlled him the way she wanted. She got more info than she had thought she would.

Mistress Zora knew that she needed a lot from this guy but she did not know how to get him to do her the favors she wanted. So she went and sat down and came up with a plan. She found out he loved big asses and since she had one, she used it to get what she wanted from him. She teased him with it and in a short period of time, she had what she wanted.

Mistress Anfisa knew that this guy had secrets that she needed to get her hands on. So she used her hot ass to tease him and get him hooked to her ass so that she could manipulate him and have him tell her the secrets. He was turned on by what she did to him and he forgot himself to the point that she took advantage of him and she made him tell her the secrets.

Mistress Anfisa felt that she needed to dominate this loser without laying a finger on him and that is what she did to him. He was turned on as she showed off her thong and as she gyrated her ass. He was super turned on but the mistress turned him on and she denied him. He tried to beg her to put him out of his misery but she did not.

These mistresses know how hot their asses are and that is why they chose to flaunt them and get guys turned on but knowing that the best the guys could do was to jerk off. None of them was ready to have sex with anyone they were teasing and intending to deny. They were just after having some naughty fun and nothing more than that.

This guy was grieving and this mistress was at a loss on what to do to make him feel better. So she chose to use what she knew better to try and make him smile. She has a killer ass so she used it to tease him. She gyrated her ass for him and as she did it, he was slowly turned on and he had a smile on his face.

This mistress loves having her butt worshiped. It gives her validation that she so desperately needs. And she does it from time to time because she does not want to miss it. She settled on weekly ass worship sessions and today she was having one. The mistress likes her butt to be worshiped by different people so that it can be fun and interesting. And this guy was the best one yet.

This mistress was bored in the house so she went online and she chatted with guys. She knew they were hitting on her so she took it a notch higher and she showed off her thong and her ass through her jeans. She wiggled her ass and got the guys turned on and asking for more but instead of giving them more, she left them hanging and pretended that she had connection issues.

Blessed with a hot ass, this mistress wanted to practice ass worship as she wanted her ass to be worshipped. The mistress had watched ass worship videos and she enjoyed teasing herself on camera and then watching her performance. The mistress actually turned herself on as she did so and she had to masturbate to satisfy herself because she was alone and no one would come to her sexual rescue.

This mistress caught her professor checking her out. She became observant over the next couple of days and she realized it was true that he was indeed checking her out. He was in love with her ass and so she used it to get good grades in his subject. The mistress found ways to tease him and control him and without him knowing, he favored her in tests and she passed with flying colors.

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