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Princess Serena wanted to test how good this guy's ass worship skills were. She showed off her hot ass to him and she facesat on him. She teased him and got him turned on like he had not been in a long time and then waited for him to do his thing as she watched and enjoyed what he did. The mistress was sweetly surprised by how he did his thing.

Princess Serena likes it when her boyfriend comes home drunk. He does it once in a while and she likes it because she gets a chance to make him do the kind of things she knows he cannot do when he is sober. And today she got him to lick her ass and also ass worship him. He even smelled her farts while at it and she could not believe he did.

Princess Serena missed getting her ass licked the way she wanted and she remembered that her ex had been begging her to talk to her and she also remembered that he knew how to worship her ass. So she lured him to her house where she had him lick and worship her ass like she wanted. And then she left him high and dry when she got satisfied with what he had done.

Princess Serena knew this guy had a weakness for big asses and she used her hot ass to torture him and to make him do things her way. The mistress went ahead to make the guy watch as she wiggled her ass and she turned him on. When she saw he was really horny, she walked away and pretended that she had had enough and no longer wanted to continue.

Princess Serena had a slave who she wanted to tease for fun. She was bored and she knew there would never be anything between them so she used her hot ass to tease him just for her own fun. And that is how she got the loser under her spell and she had fun at his expense. He was teased and denied yet he had been expecting something to go down between them.

Princess Serena wanted her hot ass to be worshipped and that is what happened ultimately. She showed off her hot ass to this guy and she had him admire her ass and tell her all the things he wanted to do to it. He loved it and worshipped it the way she wanted. And she had a great time seeing it worshipped and she teased and denied him before she let him go.

Princess Serena had gotten a promotion at work. And being that she had a fetish for ass worship, that is what she used to celebrate her promotion. She got this loser to adore, worship, lick, smell, and bury his face in her ass. She then teased him and denied him as he watched her please herself with her ass facing him. He was tied to a chair so that he did not try anything stupid.

Princess Serena knew that this guy had a thing for her ass and she took full advantage of it to get him to do things her way. She teased him with it as she stripped for him and she also turned him on with her naughty and dirty talk. He did not realize how she got her way and he was the one who did everything for her. That is how powerful her ass and naughtiness are.

Princess Serena wanted to be ass worshiped and she asked this guy to do it but he refused. So the mistress chose to do it in a different way. The mistress used her jeans to facesit as well as to ass crush the loser and force him to worship her ass. Then she placed herself in good position and she got him to ass worship her as she wanted him to do.

When you have an ass as sexy as princess Serena has, there are few things you can do wrong. She wanted to enjoy herself and she wanted to use only her ass to do it. Her plan was to control this loser and have him do all she wanted by just flaunting her ass and shaking it but with her jeans on. It worked the way she wanted and she got what she wanted.

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