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Lady Tassia wanted this guy to stop being stressful and that is why she chose to dominate him and do it in a way that he would not forget. The mistress enjoyed choking him with her ass and to add a little fun and excitement for herself, she chose to make him lick her ass as well as lick her asshole. And he had to do it until she came.

This mistress was fed up with how her classmate admired her and she wanted to put an end to it. He looked at her as a harmless girl who was only supposed to fuck him. But when she invited him to her house, he was shocked when she teased him and soon enough turned him into a human toilet and forced him to smell her ass, endure facesitting as well as choking.

Lady Tassia likes to try new things and for her, today was the perfect day for her to try ass worship femdom. The mistress used her ass worship fetish to make this guy lick her ass as well as her feet. She had been dying to have that done and today was the day for it all to happen and it did after she had scared the guy shitless. He could not afford to disappoint her.

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