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Princess Kitty wanted to record a hot and naughty video for her boyfriend to enjoy. They were not together and would not see each other for a while as she was out of town for work. So she made it up to her by sending him a hot video of her teasing him with her hot ass so that if he became horny, he could use it to jerk off.

Princess Kitty has a lovely ass and many people give her compliments. But she has never had compliments like the one this guy gave her. They were unique and she loved them. She wanted to show him some more so she wiggled her ass and flaunted it for him and she could see the effect it had on him. He was turned on and he worshiped her ass but she did not let him tap it.

This guy was horny and princess Kitty knew it. She wanted to add more fuel to the fire and make him raging horny. The mistress showed off her amazing ass and the flaunting of her sexy ass made things worse for him. The guy felt like he was getting engulfed by a flame he could not extinguish and she laughed at him as she saw what was happening to him.

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