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Mistress Dana is blessed with a hot ass and she knows it. She does not shy from showing it off and she flaunts it any chance she gets. Today she had the chance to do it and she took it. She met a guy who was attracted to her so she turned him into an ass worshipper. He had to worship her ass before she teased and denied him for fun.

Princess Serena wanted her hot ass to be worshipped and that is what happened ultimately. She showed off her hot ass to this guy and she had him admire her ass and tell her all the things he wanted to do to it. He loved it and worshipped it the way she wanted. And she had a great time seeing it worshipped and she teased and denied him before she let him go.

Princess Kitty wanted to record a hot and naughty video for her boyfriend to enjoy. They were not together and would not see each other for a while as she was out of town for work. So she made it up to her by sending him a hot video of her teasing him with her hot ass so that if he became horny, he could use it to jerk off.

Mistress Nicole knew that her ass was something her boyfriend loved to bits and was always ready for at any time. And that is what she used to keep him entertained. She got him to worship her ass and to do all she wanted him to do to her ass including licking it and smelling it. He did not object to any of what she asked him to do to it.

Lady Anja loves to get her ass worshipped and she did not miss a chance to have that done today. She identified her victim today and she used her hot ass to turn him on and then mess with his mind. He was under her total control and she did not need to do anything else to financially dominate him. But she was not a greedy mistress as she took just enough and not everything.

Princess Serena had gotten a promotion at work. And being that she had a fetish for ass worship, that is what she used to celebrate her promotion. She got this loser to adore, worship, lick, smell, and bury his face in her ass. She then teased him and denied him as he watched her please herself with her ass facing him. He was tied to a chair so that he did not try anything stupid.

Mistress Dana loves to tease. Depending on the outcome, she can go ahead and screw a guy or not. Today she was doing it online with this guy and she even spread her butt cheeks for him and told him how she wanted him to lick her ass and how to smell it. The guy did it and even went ahead to do more than she had asked him and she was kinda turned on.

Mistress Lisa has a hot ass and she is not afraid to flaunt it. The mistress played with her ass as she grabbed it and she ran her finger between her butt cheeks. She also posed and let her ass protrude and used all the naughty styles she knew to tease and deny these guys. She got them to think she wanted them but then when they gathered the courage to approach her, she told them she was just messing around.

Lady Alshari wanted to show this loser that she was not the sort of person to mess with. And that is why she chose to torture this loser and do it in a manner that he did not anticipate. She chose to use her hot ass to do it. He had to lick it and smell it the way she wanted and he was lucky she did not shit on him.

Mistress Dana did not have anyone to worship her ass and she had to find a way to have fun by herself. The mistress is a hot and sexy one and she is even attracted to herself. So she took out her video camera and she used it to record the naughty things she did and it turned out to be better than she expected as she reviewed the naughty things she did.