Ass Worship Femdom

Gorgeous female asses deserve to be worshipped

Lady Fenja has a sexy round ass and she loves to flaunt it for it to get appreciated. She loves it when guys complement it and it is the one part of her body she absolutely adores. It is also a money maker for her both figuratively and in actual sense as she gets favors from guys who love her ass or who she can use her ass to entice and get what she wants.

Mistress Nikki and mistress Sara wanted to have fun with this loser and that is what they did. They had fun at his expense by making him lick their assholes and nowhere else. They had fun kissing each other and playing with each other's pussies as he licked their assholes. It felt so wrong and so right at the same time and they had the pleasure of a lifetime in the process.

This girl had never known about ass fun and when she saw a video of the same, she was so excited to try it out as she did not need a dick inside her as yet. All she did was to explore her own ass with her fingers and it felt heavenly. She enjoyed all of those things and she had a great time and even had an orgasm as she did her thing.

Goddess Tempest had a husband who needed to be tamed and that is what she did to him. The mistress was pissed at him and she had to do something she had never done which was to force him to lick her asshole as well as smell her farts. He was shocked at what she asked him to do but he knew that he had no choice but to do it.

Princess Serena likes it when her boyfriend comes home drunk. He does it once in a while and she likes it because she gets a chance to make him do the kind of things she knows he cannot do when he is sober. And today she got him to lick her ass and also ass worship him. He even smelled her farts while at it and she could not believe he did.

Lady Anja has an ass that is out of this world. And she did not waste any time using it to entice her crush as she wanted to screw him. The mistress teased him with her hot ass and since she is curvy, naughty and hot, he could not resist her and that is how she achieved her goal of enticing him and also sleeping with him. The tables turned and he could not have enough of her.

Princess Serena missed getting her ass licked the way she wanted and she remembered that her ex had been begging her to talk to her and she also remembered that he knew how to worship her ass. So she lured him to her house where she had him lick and worship her ass like she wanted. And then she left him high and dry when she got satisfied with what he had done.

When this slave messed with his mistress, he did not know what extent she could go to punish him. He had never punished her before so he did not know what she was capable of. But she showed him her true colors when she made him lick and smell her ass for lunch. And the mistress repeated the same for dinner and he learned never to piss her off again.

This mistress badly wanted to get some secrets that she knew this guy had but he did not want to share with her. So she pretended to be interested in him and she turned him on with her nice butt and after a little while, she managed to get them as she had him wrapped around her finger and she controlled him the way she wanted. She got more info than she had thought she would.

Mistress Lisa wanted a contract from this guy. He was the head of a big corporation and she wanted him to give her the contract. But she knew she faced stiff competition so she used her hot ass to get it. She tapped into her ass worship femdom to get it. The mistress teased him and she turned him on with her hot butt and he had to give it to her.

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