Ass Worship Femdom

Gorgeous female asses deserve to be worshipped

Princess Serena had a slave who she wanted to tease for fun. She was bored and she knew there would never be anything between them so she used her hot ass to tease him just for her own fun. And that is how she got the loser under her spell and she had fun at his expense. He was teased and denied yet he had been expecting something to go down between them.

Mistress Anfisa knew that this guy had secrets that she needed to get her hands on. So she used her hot ass to tease him and get him hooked to her ass so that she could manipulate him and have him tell her the secrets. He was turned on by what she did to him and he forgot himself to the point that she took advantage of him and she made him tell her the secrets.

Lady Anja found out about ass worship and she knew she had to try it out. This is because she is blessed with a gorgeous ass and she did not ass femdom to pass her by. She felt that getting her ass worshipped the way others were doing was the best way to go about it so she got in the mix, made some hot videos and she had hers worshipped as well.

Lady Zora wanted her hot ass worshipped by many guys. She did not want to be worshipped by a few guys she met and especially the few who had the courage to approach her. So she took a hot video of it and she uploaded it online for fans and followers to watch and enjoy it. It got worshipped the way she wanted and it became an instant hit for her.

Mistress Dana is blessed with a hot ass and she knows it. She does not shy from showing it off and she flaunts it any chance she gets. Today she had the chance to do it and she took it. She met a guy who was attracted to her so she turned him into an ass worshipper. He had to worship her ass before she teased and denied him for fun.

This mistress has an ass to die for. It is a great ass and her man loves it. He enjoys getting guys to worship and praise it and today she had this guy lick it as well as eat her out. She loved how he paid attention to her entire ass and her hot pussy. She actually came as he did so and she knew he was one to keep around for those times she needed someone to eat her out.

Princess Serena wanted her hot ass to be worshipped and that is what happened ultimately. She showed off her hot ass to this guy and she had him admire her ass and tell her all the things he wanted to do to it. He loved it and worshipped it the way she wanted. And she had a great time seeing it worshipped and she teased and denied him before she let him go.

Princess Kitty wanted to record a hot and naughty video for her boyfriend to enjoy. They were not together and would not see each other for a while as she was out of town for work. So she made it up to her by sending him a hot video of her teasing him with her hot ass so that if he became horny, he could use it to jerk off.

Mistress Anfisa felt that she needed to dominate this loser without laying a finger on him and that is what she did to him. He was turned on as she showed off her thong and as she gyrated her ass. He was super turned on but the mistress turned him on and she denied him. He tried to beg her to put him out of his misery but she did not.

Mistress Nicole knew that her ass was something her boyfriend loved to bits and was always ready for at any time. And that is what she used to keep him entertained. She got him to worship her ass and to do all she wanted him to do to her ass including licking it and smelling it. He did not object to any of what she asked him to do to it.

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