Ass Worship Femdom

Gorgeous female asses deserve to be worshipped

Lady Anja loves to get her ass worshiped. She has a lovely ass and she knows it. That is why she likes to have it worshiped and for her, it is always an easy affair as she is naughty and her ass is really sexy. Today she even as far as to make this guy jerk off to her instructions because she had seen that he was tortured by what she did.

Lady Vivian was broke and her rent was due. She did not know how to get the money for it and she needed to buy more time for her to get the money. She remembered that her landlord had a fetish for big asses and she had a good one. So she invited him to her house and as they talked, she teased him by showing off her sexy ass to him and letting him salivate at it and jerk off to it. She got the extension she wanted.

Lady Shay wanted to reward her husband as he had been a wonderful husband. She did not want him to think she did not notice and that he was taken for granted. So she put on a show using her gorgeous ass to appreciate him. And she told him the purpose of it was because she wanted to let him know how special he was to her. She knew how much he adored her ass and she made it nastier than he had even enjoyed it.

Mistress BlackDiamoond has an adult themed blog and she wanted to update it as she had not had a naughty video on it in a while. She thought about what to post and she settled on posting a hot video of herself. And she did it using her sexy ass. She gyrated and teased on it as if she was doing it to someone specific. Predictably, it was a big hit.

Princess Serena has a sexy ass which is also her moneymaker. It is so sexy and many guys have a thing for it. The mistress wanted some money today and she did not overthink it because she knew she would get all she needed because of her ass. So she wore sexily and she got out and within no time, she found someone who wanted to spoil her and within no time, she had the money she wanted.

Lady Bunt is a big flirt. She is so good at it that she was paid by her friend to tease this guy and take advantage of him. Lady Bunt was required to distract the guy so that her friend who hired her could get to steal something valuable from him. And with her sexy ass as the focus of her tease show, the guy did not stand a chance.

Blessed with a hot ass, this mistress wanted to practice ass worship as she wanted her ass to be worshipped. The mistress had watched ass worship videos and she enjoyed teasing herself on camera and then watching her performance. The mistress actually turned herself on as she did so and she had to masturbate to satisfy herself because she was alone and no one would come to her sexual rescue.

Princess Jersey has a bubbly butt and she likes to bounce it up and down as she flirts with guys. She was at the VIP section of the club today and she was flirting with this guy. She grabbed her butt and she bounced it to tease him. He wanted to grab it but she refused and she told him to take it easy. His dick was so hard that it was painful.

Lady Vivian noticed that this guy was staring at her ass and she knew he was into it. She chose to use it to dominate and control him. She did so by teasing him and checking out how he responded to her teasing. He was turned on and he loved everything she did to him. And that is how he got hypnotized by her ass and he did all she asked him.

This mistress has a crazy ass and it is the kind that makes you have an instant erection. This guy was turned on and he wanted to have a release but the mistress did not agree to his seduction. She, however, came to his rescue by showing off her ass and letting him jerk off. He had to use his imagination to determine how sweet her ass and her pussy were.

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