Ass Worship Femdom

Gorgeous female asses deserve to be worshipped

These mistresses are as hot as they come and they are also naughty too. They love to do some crazy things all the time and today was one such day for them. The mistresses had a great time stripping down, licking each other's pussies and asses as this guy watched. He hoped to get a piece of the action but instead, he was turned into an ass worshipper by the mistresses.

Lady Shay caught this guy checking out her ass and she knew that she had found someone to dominate and at whose expense she was going to have fun. So she teased him with her hot ass and when he got turned on, she controlled him. That is how she made him an ass worshipper as he had to do that to her and her ass. The mistress loved it.

Mistress Lindsey wanted this guy to be turned on and that is exactly what she did to him. The mistress made sure that the guy checked out her ass and that he worshipped it the way she wanted. The guy was super turned on but she did not do anything with him. Instead, she left him high and dry as he begged her to do some nasty and naughty things with him.

Lady Tassia likes to try new things and for her, today was the perfect day for her to try ass worship femdom. The mistress used her ass worship fetish to make this guy lick her ass as well as her feet. She had been dying to have that done and today was the day for it all to happen and it did after she had scared the guy shitless. He could not afford to disappoint her.

When this mistress noticed that she had someone she could make do certain things for her, she did not hesitate to get her to do so. The mistress had this girl lick her ass as well as worship her butt. She did not want to make a guy do it until she had had a girl do so. It was a lot of fun for her and surprisingly, the girl too.

Mistress Rachel and her friends wanted to dominate this guy and they were not going to accept a no from him. He was asked to lick their asses but he did not want to do it. So the mistresses decided to make him lick them by force. He was then made to worship their asses and there was nothing he could do about it. He regretted and wished he had done things differently.

Mistress Agma has a hot ass and that is what she used to turn this guy and have him licking her ass and doing everything that she wanted him to do. The mistress felt that he had to be pushed to the extreme so that he would be malleable going forward. So she had him lick her ass as well as her asshole. He had to pamper her before she was done with him.

Mistress Anfisa had never tried getting butt worshipped and when she saw the videos, she felt that it was something she would enjoy. So she asked this guy to do it to her knowing he would not turn her down since he had a crush on her and she was the most gorgeous girl he knew. The guy did it after she teased him a little and it was worth it for both of them.

This mistress was horny and she needed to cum. She is not the kind that masturbates so she was not going down that road. She had to make sure that she got someone to make her cum. The guy who was available to her at that time was this guy she did not want to fuck. So she decided to make him worship her ass and he did it so well that she came.

Mistress Kira heard from her friends how good ass worship was. But unlike her friends, she did not have a slave to do those things to her or one that she could force to do it. So she resorted to pay someone to do it because she was desperate for that experience. She had a fear of missing out and she had to deal with it. The guy she paid was worth it as he made her have an orgasm from how he pampered, licked, caressed and worshipped her ass.

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