Ass Worship Femdom

Gorgeous female asses deserve to be worshipped

This mistress loves having her butt worshiped. It gives her validation that she so desperately needs. And she does it from time to time because she does not want to miss it. She settled on weekly ass worship sessions and today she was having one. The mistress likes her butt to be worshiped by different people so that it can be fun and interesting. And this guy was the best one yet.

Lady Anja likes to do naughty things and that is one of the things she did today. The mistress bent over and she used her hot ass to turn this guy on. She was sure that she was going to turn him on and within a couple of minutes, she had done so. It was a lot of fun torturing the guy and when she had gotten enough, she told him she was not interested anymore.

Mistress Dana wore her thong and she used it to dominate and have fun at the expense of this guy. She loved how much he adored her ass and how he worshiped it. The mistress used all her naughty moves on him and the guy was so turned on that he could not help himself. He was like a puppet for her and she made him do what she felt like.

Princess Serena wanted to be ass worshiped and she asked this guy to do it but he refused. So the mistress chose to do it in a different way. The mistress used her jeans to facesit as well as to ass crush the loser and force him to worship her ass. Then she placed herself in good position and she got him to ass worship her as she wanted him to do.

Lady Bunt enjoyed how this guy was ass worshiping her. The mistress loved it and she felt that she had to do something for him. The mistress wanted to do it as if she was rewarding him. So the mistress wanted to make him cum since she was not going to fuck him. The mistress chose to give him jerk off instructions and she told him to use them to cum.

Lady Vivian loves to mess up with guys and she does it any chance she gets. She is a busy mistress but when she gets a little time, she does not waste it. She has many things she does for fun and today she chose to have this guy lick and smell her ass for fun. The guy liked what he was made to do even though she went ahead and made him do things which he did not expect.

This guy loves this mistress's ass and he wanted to do crazy things to it. The mistress did not know that was a thing and when she heard about it, she was shocked. But after she thought about it, she figured it was not a bad thing and she let him bury his face and lick her ass the way he wanted. But she added her own thing which was to have him smell her ass and she farted on him as he did so.

Mistress Dana has an ass to die for and she felt it was not ok to just hide it in her pants. She chose to use it to make those who loved it smile. The mistress got a few of those guys online and she used video link to tease them and to make them enjoy what she did. She turned them on as she shook her ass and got them to ass worship her.

This mistress was bored in the house so she went online and she chatted with guys. She knew they were hitting on her so she took it a notch higher and she showed off her thong and her ass through her jeans. She wiggled her ass and got the guys turned on and asking for more but instead of giving them more, she left them hanging and pretended that she had connection issues.

When you have an ass as sexy as princess Serena has, there are few things you can do wrong. She wanted to enjoy herself and she wanted to use only her ass to do it. Her plan was to control this loser and have him do all she wanted by just flaunting her ass and shaking it but with her jeans on. It worked the way she wanted and she got what she wanted.

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