Ass Worship Femdom

Gorgeous female asses deserve to be worshipped

Lady Zora was bored. With nothing better to do with her time, she turned this guy into an ass worshiper. She had fun teasing and denying him as well as making him do all sorts of things that she wanted. He was like her guinea pig for the most part and she had fun at his expense. He was turned on, denied, and humiliated as she did her thing. And there was nothing he could do about it.

Mistress Rayven has an amazing butt. It is round and big and she loves to use it to make guys go wild. This guy was the latest to be turned crazy by her hot ass which she used to facesit him and she had him lick and smell. He spanked her as well and he could not believe how hot her ass was. The guy actually came while licking her ass.

Mistress Meagan had never had her ass eaten. She had had her pussy eaten but never her ass. And that is what this guy did to her and drove her wild. He expected her to eat her pussy but when he instead went for her ass, she was shocked but the shock gave way to pleasure she had never imagined she could get from her ass bein eaten and smelled.

Mistress Dana loves to tease. Depending on the outcome, she can go ahead and screw a guy or not. Today she was doing it online with this guy and she even spread her butt cheeks for him and told him how she wanted him to lick her ass and how to smell it. The guy did it and even went ahead to do more than she had asked him and she was kinda turned on.

These mistresses know how hot their asses are and that is why they chose to flaunt them and get guys turned on but knowing that the best the guys could do was to jerk off. None of them was ready to have sex with anyone they were teasing and intending to deny. They were just after having some naughty fun and nothing more than that.

Goddess Yasemin is blessed with a gorgeous ass and she does not mind using it for her own fun and enjoyment. That is what she did today as she humiliated this guy for her own enjoyment. The mistress laughed at the guy as he struggled to do what she asked him to do. He was turned on by her hot ass as she teased him and he did not immediately tell that she was having fun at his expense.

Princess Jenny has a gorgeous ass and she noticed that a lot of guys were staring at her. She wanted to have fun with it and take advantage of those stares so she got this guy to lick and to smell her ass. In short, she wanted it worshipped and that is what she managed to get this guy to do after she had flirted with him and gotten him to think she was interested in him.

This mistress wanted her butt worshipped and she knew her slave was the best bet for the job. She did not have to beg him and she knew he had to avoid pissing her off. She was also not sure whether she would like it and that is why she had him do it. Then if she loved it after he did it, she would open it up and have other guys do it as well.

Princess Araya has a gorgeous ass and she loves to use it to have fun. She knows guys cannot resist it and that is why she chooses to use it to have fun at their expense. That is what she did today as she teased this guy and she made him smell her farts. The guy thought he was turning her on when in fact she was having fun at his expense.

Mistress Lisa has a hot ass and she is not afraid to flaunt it. The mistress played with her ass as she grabbed it and she ran her finger between her butt cheeks. She also posed and let her ass protrude and used all the naughty styles she knew to tease and deny these guys. She got them to think she wanted them but then when they gathered the courage to approach her, she told them she was just messing around.

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